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SCC Webinar: Clean Beauty Emulsion Technology-Presented by OHIO VALLEY CHAPTER

June 10 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


[This webinar will be free for all SCC Members to attend. Members will receive an email with a direct link to the registration page for the webinar.]


Clean Beauty is a growing trend in the personal care industry. It is driven by the Beauty with a Conscience movement, driving products and manufacturers to raise the bar toward more sustainable, ethical sourcing and eco-responsibility. In addition, consumers are increasingly focused on a cleaner label and more natural ingredients while maintaining high product efficacy and safety. All of these factors contribute to the Clean Beauty movement and create challenges for development of products that are both clean and responsible, while also aesthetically pleasing and efficacious.

One of the biggest formulation challenges is how to create an elegant emulsion that meets the new demands. Emulsions typically require a cocktail of ingredients, which makes it difficult to minimize the ingredient label. In addition, the emulsion system takes up a significant portion of the formulation, making it more difficult to formulate a product that meets “natural” goals.

Another aspect of the Clean Beauty trend is creating products that are safe and support a healthy skin microbiome. With increasing issues of skin sensitivities and disease states, it is important that we keep moving forward with our understanding of the skin microbiome and how to support it in our formulations.

Using an amphiphilic polymer, it is possible to create elegant emulsions that do not require any co-emulsifiers. We will discuss technology that can incorporate very high oil and mineral loading, and is versatile enough to create a range of unique rheology’s and textures. The particle size distribution and film forming properties make it ideal for sunscreen and makeup formulations. In addition, this technology can support skin’s microbiome by avoiding traditional lipid-emulsifying chemistry.


Joy Roederer, PhD
Vice President of Research & Development
Integrity Ingredients Corporation

Joy Roederer, PhD, serves as Vice President of Research & Development for Integrity Ingredients Corporation, a leader in raw material and product development innovation.  Dr. Roederer’s expertise lies in new technology sourcing and its execution from concept to commercialization.  Her past leadership roles encompassed technical and strategic Product Development, Innovation, and Regulatory Affairs at SC Johnson, BF Goodrich / Lubrizol, and Guthy-Renker.  Highlights of her accomplishments include the development, optimized manufacture and launch of an aggregate of over 400 raw material technologies, and new cosmetic, OTC, and nutritional products in the US and overseas.

At Integrity Ingredients, Dr. Roederer’s primary focus is to build the corporation’s technology and product concept portfolio. Dr. Roederer interfaces with global suppliers to qualify and guide regulatory compliant testing and to ensure the highest product efficacy standards.  She also strategically collaborates with brands and formulators to facilitate application guidance and formula development.

Dr. Roederer earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Texas A&M University.  She holds 2 patents, serves as an editorial consultant and has coauthored numerous technical articles. For the SCC, Dr. Roederer served as Chair of the Southwest Chapter, Chair of the California Chapter and Area III Director.  She has also served on the SCC Constitution & Bylaws and Nominations & Elections Committees, and the SCC Future Scientists Initiative.


Date: June 10
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm